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The Pay Rent Fund / Fondo Pa’ Pagar La Renta is a rental assistance program intended to relieve Latinx and undocumented households’ growing concerns over the pandemic’s compounding effects on their health and financial security. Junta developed the Pay Rent Fund in partnership with United Way, shortly after the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent quarantine went into full effect. The health risks of the virus on Latinx community members are compounded by the economic impact placed on struggling families. Junta’s case management services team saw an uptick in demand for rental assistance, as the unemployment rate for Latinx In New Haven reached an alarming 12%.  


Alongside the support of United Way, Junta's Pay Rent Fund has successfully administered  $15,000 in rental assistance payments for 16 undocumented participants. Out of the 16 participants, the average owed $2,158 in rent and had an average monthly income of $825. Out of all the participants served COVID-19 caused 8 to lose their jobs, 6 experienced reduced hours, and 2 were already unemployed. In total Junta’s Pay Rent Fund was able to keep 71 members of the community in their homes.

The application for rental assistance is live now! Please apply and submit using the following link:

This application is open to residents of the Greater New Haven area only. Limited funds are available.

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