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Our Mission

As a majority Latina-led organization — that is housed in New Haven’s predominately Latinx neighborhood of Fair Haven — we focus on eliminating barriers through a whole person approach to service provision and engagement in community advancement. This model builds socioeconomic security with direct support and educational tools, leading to transformative changes at both the individual and community levels.

Our History

Junta for Progressive Action is the oldest Latinx, community-based nonprofit organization in New Haven, Connecticut. In 1969, frustrated with the disinvestment and social abandonment of communities of color , Puerto Rican community organizers founded Junta as an advocacy hub to address the needs of Greater New Haven’s first-generation migrants. Over the past 52 years, Junta has grown to offer no-cost social services, legal services, immigration services, adult education, and youth programs to over 2,000 low-income individuals annually.

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Meet the Team

Cheila Serrano

Director of Operations


Loribeth Rodriguez



Rosaida Maldonado

Case Manager


Jacqueline Gonzalez

Case Manager


Kiana Cintron

Youth Leader


Lileschka Martinez

Program Assistant

Zaina Rosario

Program Assistant

Julian Cintron


Board of Directors

Rafael Ramos

Board Chair

Frederick DePourcq


Sylvia Perez


Peggy Rivage-Seul

Brian Pierne

Elihu Rubin

Alphonse Paolillo

Sebastian Rios

Community Calendar

Green - JUNTA's Activites/Events

Yellow - Community Health/Vaccination Event 

Purple - External Community Events

2020-22 Impact Report

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