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In response to the nationwide pandemic that altered the academic, social, and emotional lives of our students, a task force of Junta members sought out to redesign the traditional format of our afterschool program, The Neighborhood Place. By transitioning completely into an online setting, TNP will address the issues of individualized homework help, general academic tutoring, social and emotional wellness, and community building. With these principles in mind, TNP’s pilot will launch at the end of November with a smaller cohort of middle school students in order to finalize the official start to the program in January of 2021. In January, students will be able to enroll into TNP and match with a tutor at the high school or college level. On Mondays and Wednesdays, students will be immersed in our hybrid model of individualized- and group-based tutoring services, allowing every single student the opportunity to complete their homework, receive organized academic feedback, and interact productively with peers. Throughout our weekly sessions, TNP will offer social and emotional strategies to promote the mental wellness of our students and weekly supplemental events to showcase the talents and knowledge of community members and beyond. 

For more information or for any inquiries, please contact our after school program coordinator, Victor Torres, at

169 Grand Avenue, New Haven, CT 06513

203.787.0191  |

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