Frequently Asked Questions

What is a “proof of residence”?
It is any document that shows your name and current address, such as: driver’s license, bank statement, phone/water/electricity bills, etc.

What is ESL?
It is “English as a Second Language”. Students take this class to improve reading, writing, speaking and life skills in English.

What is GED?
It is “General Education Development”. It is equivalent to High School classes. The focus of the GED is to prepare students to pass the GED test. The course is divided into five subjects: reading, writing, social studies, science and mathematics. At JUNTA we offer GED either in English or Spanish.

How can I sign up for ESL or GED classes?
You have to come to JUNTA to fill out an application and bring a proof of residence. You must be 17 years or older. We have two terms during the year; spring and fall. Spring classes are from January-June and fall classes are from September-December. We strongly recommend students to register before classes begin. However, students can enroll at any time during the terms.

How much does it cost?
If you are a New Haven resident, all the courses are free. Otherwise, a small fee applies and will be paid to the New Haven Adult Education.

How long does it take to finish my course?
It all depends on your commitment to the classes. The more the student practices, the faster he learns. It can take you either 6 months to finish your GED or 2 years.

What is the class schedule?
It depends on the level the student is placed. At JUNTA we offer classes in the mornings from 9:30am-11:30am and evenings from 6:00-8:00pm.