About Us

The mission of Junta for Progressive Action is to collaborate with Latinx communities in the Greater New Haven area to advance the social, economic and civic environment for all, while embracing Latinx cultural traditions.

In order to achieve our mission, Junta takes a whole person approach to service provision and engagement in community advancement. Programming is organized into three departments: JUNTA 360, Social Services; JUNTA Rises, Community and Economic Advancement; and JUNTA Youth, Youth Development.

JUNTA’s family comprises of members of the Board of Directors, staff and volunteers.
We are a diverse organization, representing all of Latin America and the United States.

Our Programs
Our Staff

   Our  Board of Directors

   Letamarie Highsmith Chair

   Adriana Joseph  Vice Chair

   Frederic DePourcq  Treasurer

   Liam Brennan Secretary

   William Mendoza  Board Member

   Miriam Olivares – Board Member

    Peggy Rivage-Seul  Board Member

   Oscar Willumsen–  Board Member

   Lisa Votto – Board Member