The Worker Center at Junta
The Worker Center is a worker-led and organized center that seeks to utilize community organizing and leadership development that will allow immigrant workers to fight and eradicate workplace abuse and injustices by employers in Connecticut.

The Worker Center at JUNTA aims to provide workers with a place to strategically think about ways to:
1. collectively identify and grapple with workplace justice issues in their community and beyond
2. determine appropriate priorities and agendas for addressing workplace issues
3. actively develop leadership/organizing skills that can lead to a more civically engaged community.

The Worker Center also helps individuals and groups with specific workplace justice cases/concerns. Ultimately, the Worker Center at JUNTA will allow workers affected by abuses such as nonpayment of wages, discrimination, and unsafe working conditions to emerge as core leaders and stakeholders in the much needed responses to those problems.

Make an appointment to meet with someone at JUNTA about work-related problems having to do with workplace justice.
WORKER CENTER AMBASSADOR PROGRAM (Get a Certificate in Worker Rights/ Immigrant Rights from JUNTA):
Become part of our trainings about worker and immigrant rights to receive a Certificate from JUNTA. By completing JUNTA’s training, you could:
o Feel more comfortable giving information on rights to others in the community or on the job.
o Help others resolve their workplace justice problems.
o Help train others to spread rights information and more.
o Begin to mobilize other workers demand their rights as a worker.