JUNTA recognizes that immigrants make significant contributions to their respective communities, and supports the rights of all immigrants to lead healthy, productive and wholesome lives, irrespective of their legal status.

What We Do

Advocacy & Community Organizing

 JUNTA works on public policy issues in the area of immigrant and worker's rights at the national, state and municipal levels. JUNTA has worked in coalition with civil rights and human rights groups on issues directly related to immigration status, including access to driver’s licenses, the recent passage of Connecticut’s in-state tuition bill and the broader comprehensive immigration reform movement. JUNTA also works on issues that directly impact immigrants and other marginalized commuities, including violence, police brutality, and exploitation.

We have worked with the city of New Haven and across the state on a number of initiatives aimed at protecting public safety and improving the relationship between new immigrant communities and native residents including:

Secure Communities (S-Comm) – In 2013, we worked to pass the Trust Act, a state legislation that prevents the negative impact of Secure Communities on immigrants throughout the state.  We are also supporting immigrants and their families who have been affected by the federal policy and other policies that tear families apart. 

     Elm City Resident Card a municipal ID card that provides identification to all city residents, regardless of legal immigration status, and facilitates access to city services and financial institutions. The ID card initiative has now been replicated in six major cities, including San Francisco and Oakland, CA.

     Police General Order - The New Haven Police Department issued a Police General Order prohibiting police from enquiring about an individual's immigration status in the course of a criminal investigation.

     "Hablamos Espanol": The city also launched a "Hablamos Espanol" initiative which resulted in the translation of the most commonly used resident documents into Spanish.


Immigration & Citizenship

Petitioning for Family Members

Whether you are a permanent resident or US citizen, you are eligible to petition for certain family members abroad, or is some cases, who are in the US. These family members include spouses, children, parents and siblings, depending on your status. Family reunification is important, but it is also a detailed process. Junta will help you through this with a staff that has the experience to guide you along the way.

Citizenship Preparation
Junta helps clients prepare for their citizenship and/or naturalization test. Our tutors will work with students, one-on-one to help prepare for the English and civics test.

Junta’s staff has knowledge of the visa process and can guide you through the eligibility and application process. We also provide workshops periodically on new visa regulations.

Those needing assistance with immigration matters should call (203) 787-0191 to make an appointment.


Rights’ Education

JUNTA offers workshops and educational forums aimed at informing immigrants of their rights. In partnership with Yale Law School and New Haven Legal Assistance, JUNTA offers regular workshops on immigration law. Additional workshop topics cover rights education in the areas of housing, criminal justice, workers rights, quality healthcare end education and other civil and human rights issues.

For More information, please contact Junta at 203.787.0191, or JLIB_HTML_CLOAKING .