DSC 1186-_Big_Turtle_Camp-_WEB Photo: Children and Rafael Ramos building a teepee at Big Turtle Village.

Big Turtle Village is a five-day free camping trip for children, ages 8-12 who do not have the economic means to attend summer camp. Run completely by volunteers and located at Devil’s Hopyard State Park in East Haddam, Connecticut, the camp introduces children to the natural environment through workshops that encourage children to advocate for their health, the environment and its preservation.

There are four main workshops during the week:

Recycling and litter control:
Children learned different recycling techniques as well as the importance of litter control.

Learning about Connecticut’s Wildlife: Children had the opportunity to observe the park’s wildlife under the supervision of the adults. Activities about the Parks’ wildlife were performed to let the children experience the worlds of animals in terms they can enjoy and understand.

Connecticut Natural Vegetation: Children observed the amazing variety of vegetation of the Park and they learned to distinguish among different species of plants and trees.

Geological formations of the Park: Children experienced the variety of geological formations in the Park through easy activities and fun games.

JUNTA’s volunteers, and its creator, Board member Rafael Ramos, have repeated the camps success for the last 10 years, offering over 60 underserved children per year the opportunity to enjoy a week of outdoors learning, socializing and fun, with nutritious food, yoga and great sense of camaraderie.

To learn more about JUNTA at "Big Turtle Village" or to become a volunteer, please contact Cheila Serrano at (203) 787-0191 or JLIB_HTML_CLOAKING .