JUNTA‚Äôs empowers the Latino and low-income community to take control of their economic and social well being, while civically engaging in the community.  We promote a culture of community involvement and advocacy through our programs and initiatives.  We offer adult education, children's programs, cultural appreciation, economic development, family management, immigrant rights and cultural appreciation.


JUNTA's family comprises of members of the Board of Directors, staff and volunteers.
We are a diverse organization, representing over ten countries including Argentina, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Honduras, Panama, Peru, Puerto Rico, and the United States.


Our Programs

Our Staff


Our  Board of Directors

Alicia Camacho - Co-chair

Edward Cleary - Co-chair/Treasurer

Norma Franceschi - Vice Co-chair

Kimball Cartwright - Secretary

Sara Lulo - Board Member

Hope Metcalf - Board Member

Rafael Ramos - Board Member

Henry Fernandez - Board Member

Adriana Joseph - Board Member

Matthew Short - Board Member

Dominic Woolfrey- Board Member

Dorothy Hurt - Board Member